About Us

Our Founder, David A Butterfield

Born on January 17, 1834 in Jay, Franklin County, Maine, David was the oldest son of Daniel and Amanda Butterfield.  He married Mary M Stephens in 1855 and not long afterward he moved his family West to fulfill his dream of of operating a stage and freight line. By 1864 he was living in Atchison and his dream of the Butterfield Overland Despatch became a reality.

Our Mission Statement

The Smoky Hill Trail Association, Inc., will preserve the historical legacy of the Smoky
Hill Trail, promote its designation as a National Historic Trail and interpret the events, remnants and locations that represent the historic trial, the Butterfield’s Overland Despatch (B.O.D.), successor freight and stage lines and the railroad and highways that replaced this important overland trail.

Our Story

The Smoky Hill Trail Association was started in 2007 when Leo Oliva proposed the idea to a group of interested fans. Those fans were Donna Malcom, Jody Zeman, Jere DeBacker, Mike Baughn, Sam Chestnut, Jim Gray, and Lemeul Marsh. They took the initiative and laid the groundwork for what the association is today.

Our Officers and Directors

Ken Cole, President
Deb Goodrich, Vice President
Mike Baughn, Secretary
Danny Lattin, Treasurer

Ramon Powers, Chairman, Trail Designation

Bob Wilhelm, Director/Newsletter Editor
Dawn Allaman, Director
Mary Andersen, Director
Patty Nicholas, Director
William “Bill” Howe, Director

The Smoky Hill Trail Association is a 501(c)-3 entity