2008 Conference – Salina KS

Jim Gray and Leo Oliva

These two gentlemen are very knowledgeable historian who helped the Association in many ways. They, among others, provided the historical facts of the Smoky Hill Trail. Jim Gray is on the left. Jim was one of the leaders of the Association and organized and guided most of the conference tours. Jim is an accomplished author. For years he wrote a newspaper about the history of this area and he wrote a book called “Desperate Seed” about the history of Ellsworth. Leo Oliva is on the right and he is the one who came up with the idea for the Association. Leo has provided leadership and historical guidance. Leo is also an accomplished author. Among his many publications is a series of books about the forts in Kansas. The book on the table, “Tales of the Smoky Hill Trail” by Raynesford and Lee, is considered to be the main historical reference on the Smoky Hill Trail. The book is available from the Last Chance Store. For a book call or e-mail, oliva@ruraltel.net , (888) 321-7341 Both of these men are also well-known speakers.

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